Aug. 24th, 2010

Alright, I'm all done with August now. We had Pennsic, and that was very nice, but the number of other things that have gone awry at work, at home, with computers, and with cars is far too high. (Though we're quite happy with the new Scion so far.)

Roughly at the beginning of the month, I noticed that there was some water dripping in the basement. I talked to the upstairs neighbors, and it turned out that the guy on the third floor had been showering when it was dripping, so he said he would get in his friend who was a plumber to look at his place - we'd had some leaks around the bathtub right when we moved in, and we thought it was possible his was just leaking into the pipe chase somehow.

Well, he got called up for army service, and then we were gone at Pennsic, and there was a lot of negotiation on who could be around when and when a plumber could make it in, and the leak which hadn't really looked that bad started looking worse, and started looking like it happened whenever water was run on the second or third floors, and we had a plumber in but he was having trouble finding the source, what with the symptom being at the bottom of the main plumbing column for the house.

We finally worked out that we'd be here this morning and the plumber could do some more invasive searching for it, and when he cut a piece out of our dining room wall, there it was: a big crack maybe three feet long in the side of the cast iron pipe. The one major pipe, incidentally, that the general contractor told us they didn't replace when they stripped out the rest of the plumbing, because it seemed to be just fine.

I am awaiting the actual fix right now (the guy has to put in some supports while he splices it, because the main vertical pipe in your home gets a lot of its support from the bottom). There is a decent chance that it won't turn out to be too severe a fix; if the crack stays isolated, we just need to replace that one bit, fix up the wall, replace some sodden sheet rock in the basement, and do something about some wet and moldy parts of subflooring that were getting dripped on for an unknown period of time. It's even remotely possible that the original developer will pay part of the cost, when we show him pictures of this crack that must have been developing for a long time. Nonetheless, I'm not holding my breath that everything will work out in the easiest possible way.

It is still August, after all.



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