Feb. 3rd, 2011

I really had a very ambivalent attitude towards all the recent weather until today - it was kind of annoying to trudge through, but such is the changing of the seasons. And, on the worst days, I mostly worked from home, which is quite a bit more pleasant anyway.

But, today, we had an ambitious plan for me to get home from work, and the two of us to free the car, buy some pet supplies, and eat a quick dinner before I needed to be at rehearsal. But the snow, it would not release the car to us. We tried for a long, long time to shovel it out, to rock it free, and to push it in various clever directions, but the vile snow stole away all traction. Prior experience with these treacherous New England climes reminded us that cat litter is an excellent aid to traction - but, of course, that was the one thing that we actually needed to go out and buy. Oh bitter irony.

Eventually, tired and cold and soaked, we left it for later, and I went to take the train to rehearsal... which sat placidly in the tunnel north of Park Street waiting on some sort of snow delay.

That's enough out of you, weather.



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