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A day of recuperation later, I retrospect.

This was an unusual Pennsic for me in a number of ways (spent no cash, did no dancing, attended no classes, worked about 90 min at Chirurgeonate), and half as long as most, but very enjoyable. My first day there I was awake for about forty-two hours, and I didn't eat a meal for another full day after that. Not that I really caught up on food or sleep throughout the war; I doubt I had a single lunch, or ever got to sleep before 1 AM, but that's pretty typical.

On arrival I was almost immediately plunged into work on the show. Marshaling actors, props, and intermezzi in a hurry at Pennsic can be a headache, particularly when the performance arts coordinators are so particularly unclear on the idea of reserving rehearsal time. Nonetheless, the show came off quite well, I think, with only a couple of moments that threatened to give me heart attacks. It was nice to get that out of the way by Sunday night. I still had a bunch of bureaucracy and kitbashing to do before I was ready to fight the next day, but at least no one else was depending on me for that.

It was definitely a fighting heavy war for me. With the exception of Wednesday, when I was involved in [livejournal.com profile] lakshmi_amman's delightful Laurel vigil, war week followed the pattern of 'Get up. Drink lots of water. Get in armor. Go fight. Come back and get out of armor. Drink lots of water. Shower', which meant that the non-fighting part of my day typically began around 3:30, which combined with the one week stay to make it feel like I didn't get much else in. It was worth it. I personally fought a lot better than last year, and as an army we had a remarkable level of energy and spirit despite more than two-to-one odds against us, no real leadership, and precious little strategy. We lost every battle, but each of them was quite close, mostly because we simply fought harder than we have in years. The feeling of fighting an epic struggle was tangible. It was also the most inter-kingdom friendly Pennsics on and off the field in a long time - certainly in my memory.

Most of the rest of my time was spent socializing, as is my usual wont. I hung out with a bunch of friends I only see once a year, met a bunch of new and interesting people (a surprising number of whom were former Carolingians), and had the requisite few new and different experiences. I still did a bunch of party hopping, but they were more likely to be interesting bands of people I knew running the party, rather than some fratlike bog camp. The party thrown by our hosts on Thursday night was especially nice.

As always, I had to leave Pennsic eventually (it does not end, of course. It is an eternal presence). Normally I try to cram in as much Pennsic fun as possible the last night I'm there, and fail to be satisfied, but this year [livejournal.com profile] new_man and I accidentally engaged in a diplomatic quest instead. It was a great way to end a great war.



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