Yesterday was an alright transition back towards work. Our company summer outing was at Kimball Farm in Westford. It's a not bad place, though a bit golf-centric for my taste. Played my recommended yearly allotment of minigolf (18 holes). Drove enough golf balls to get not terrible at it, and leave my left lumbar a little sore today. Bumper boats were fun for a bit, but not so much after my engine choked and a gang of coworkers shoved me into a waterfall. Bluejeans not looking so wise in retrospect (need to keep emergency pants, seriously). During a lull [ profile] keshwyn introduced me to geocaching, which is pretty keen. (Her company was also having an outing there; because it's not possible for me to go anywhere within 495 and not run into someone I know.) That may provide sufficient tipping energy for me to pick up a GPS, especially since it'd make an entertaining break on long road trips.
It's a little strange being your customer's customer. My company makes the software that Comcast, among others, uses to track, manage, and correlate data on their broadband systems. That includes technical support usage. I am a Comcast customer. So, coming home on Sunday exhausted from the Novice Schola, and finding our network nonfunctional, I called them up. It slowly dawned on me that the quick response when my tech support guy pulled up my information was probably from the optimizations I did in June, and when he said "let me check if there are any other outages in your area" I was tempted to tell him which link to click on. Fortunately our connection to the internet fixed itself before we got very far, but my perspective still underwent about 180 degrees of rotation.



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